Recipes: Tuna Salad – Portobella’s – Carrots

I’ve made some tasty things recently and I want to get them down before I forget them.

Tuna Salad

I was looking for an alternative to my sugar/high fructose corn syrup laden sweet relish. I grew up eating tuna with mayo and sweet relish and loving it. It was bad enough that I had to give up my Miracle Whip in favor of Helman’s (The one made with Olive Oil as well as the other crap oils, because I can’t make mayo yet.) *cry* I had that “this isn’t good for me” in the back of my head every time I made tuna salad.

So, yesterday I got brave. I wanted to add some Vidalia onions, but I have a hard time with raw onions so I decided to saute them in some bacon grease along with two or three pepperoncini’s diced up. I added that to the tuna, along with some pepper and lemon pepper, (yeah, I like pepper!) and ate it off of large slivers of red pepper. DELISH! Definitely my new favorite way to enjoy Tuna Salad and now I just have to learn how to make mayo.

Hmmm…what else did I make? Tonight I made portabella mushrooms with a side of carrots/onions and a side of green beans. The portabella’s didn’t come out as good as I’d hoped. The flavor was a little too subtle for me, almost bland. I brushed them with an olive oil that I crushed up some herbs into earlier in the day, put thick tomato slices inside, baked at 400 for a while then covered with swiss cheese and put them under the broiler for a few minutes.

We have some ideas for making them more flavorful. Add bacon. Of course, I wish I’d thought of that while I was cooking! I had bacon in the fridge! I want to try roasted red peppers instead of tomato…or in addition to. Perhaps a different, more flavorful cheese. I don’t know if we got bogus tomatoes and cheese or what but the flavor just wasn’t there. I think only the last bite that I took actually tasted like swiss cheese. The rest of it tasted like gummy chewy…something. I don’t know. Not good.

I also think that some night I’m going to make the delish pot roast that I’ve been making and serve it over the portabella’s. Usually the Man has the ones that I made tonight with a bun and mayo. He said it just wasn’t the same, so I’ve got to figure out a way to make them flavorful enough that it doesn’t matter that there’s no bun.

I did find a new way to make carrots though. I did a rough, thick julienne and steamed them for a few minutes in the microwave just to soften them up (I was just trying to save time) then I threw them in the bottom of the pan that I was cooking the mushrooms on (on a rack on top) with half a stick of butter, along with some thinly cut onions (also steamed) with a few turns of the pepper grinder. WOW. I’m so making those to bring to the next family function!

I attempted to make cheese/bacon crackers today but I failed. They’re going to end up being used as breadcrumbs for something.

We bought a grill!!! A tiny gas grill to put out on our deck. I’m already looking forward to a nice steak and I’m dying to try these. The Man doesn’t dig jalapeno’s and I never thought to make them with pepperoncini’s! They sound nomalicious.

And…after a terrible, horrible, no good afternoon yesterday involving me not being able to find the health food store (for like an hour and a half) and a blown tire…I managed to finally procure shredded coconut. So, hopefully sometime this week I’ll be making these.

I think exploring new foods and trying to be creative in order to primalize old favorites is one of the funnest aspects of this lifestyle!


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  1. Tes Said:

    We love exploring now foods, too. It’s so good to taste and educate ourselves at the same time.

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