Health Update

We went to the clinic yesterday. She did a strep test and it was negative, so that’s good. We came to the conclusion that most likely, my lymph nodes were just overwhelmed with yuck from my sinuses due to my allergies. Surprising that allergies could make me feel so nasty, but then again, perhaps not.

I’ve had allergies since I moved here. I was pretty shocked that living in Portland, land of all that is damp and moldy, I never had problems with allergies…yet here it seems that the moment it warms up until it starts getting cooler I’m sneezing my butt off and dealing with sore and inflamed sinuses and sinus headaches.

We all just kind of assume that it goes with the territory though, don’t we? We groan when we hear on the news that the it’s going to be a harsh allergen season.

Sinus issues are one thing though that I’ve seen associated with the SAD (Standard American Diet) over and over again. I’ve heard of many people who have reduced or eliminated their allergy issues with changes in diet, supplementation and/or cleanses. Eating primally is no different.

There have been many reports over at Marks Daily Apple of individuals who have gone primal experiencing a reduction in their allergy symptoms. What is it? The elimination of grains from the diet? The increase in Omega 3’s? I think that just about any factor that reduces inflammation in the body is the key, and with this lifestyle…that’s about all of them.

I’ve already successfully cut out grains, sugar and vegetable oils. I’m working on finding a better source of meat because right now, that’s still our biggest source of Omega 6’s. I purchased Fish Oil supplements in order to mitigate what’s left and balance out what’s stored in my tissues. Whoo…let me tell you…

So, whenever someone asks…”How much Omega 3 should I take?” Within the paleo/primal communities, people are directed to Robb Wolf’s Omega 3 calculator over at Whole9. He’s highly respected within the health communities and this is what he and many others use to calculate for their clients how much fish oil to begin taking.

It is no small amount, let me tell you. The idea is that the SAD greatly increases our amounts of Omega 6. While we do need some in our diet, it’s supposed to balance with the amounts of Omega 3 that we ingest. For our ancestors, it was about 1:1. That’s the primal goal, to get to 1:1 naturally but in our modern times, that’s just about impossible so we supplement with Omega 3’s while doing what we can to reduce our Omega 6’s (which cause inflammation). Coming off the SAD we have some repair work to do, so the first few months of supplementation, we’re mega dosing because we’re also losing weight and releasing a lot of the Omega 6’s back into our blood streams that have been trapped by fat. Once we’ve dumped those, we can stop mega dosing and continue on with a more realistic dose.

I took 11 fish oil capsules this morning. >_<

I’m willing to try it though to see if it truly does reduce inflammation because you know…I love all the trees and flowers. Oak trees are some of my favorites and I adore seeing all the different colors of the decorative tress people plant around here…but I’m tired of it being a double edged sword.


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