Sick and ground beef recipe

That yuck that I was feeling on Monday turned into full blown sick by Monday night. Sore throat, aching joints, sensitive skin and a mild fever. I’m still not sure how I got sick, the whole thing’s just been weird. It’s also very frustrating that I’ve been doing so much for my health lately and come down with something like this because I almost never get for real sick. I had a sore throat a few weeks back, and that was weird too. Prior to that the last cold I had was around New Years and I absolutely knew where that one came from. 😉

To be fair though, there were two or three things that lined up on Sunday that may have contributed to lower immune functioning, so I just need to make sure that I’m focusing on that from now on.

I ate a lot of melon while I was sick, it made my throat feel better, and the Man brought home Chinese food which was far from primal but as comfort foods go…I ate the middles out of the crab rangoon he brought me, haha. He took me to Bob Evan’s for dinner the other night because I was starving and neither of us felt like cooking. Originally I was going to just get soup but then I had a taste for pot roast. Serious pot roast fail on their part. It wasn’t good. But, I did order it without the Texas Toast and we both managed to pass up all offers of tasty breads, crackers, and biscuits.

The Man observed that very little on their menu could even be made primal. I agreed, saying that it was a comfort food place. Comfort foods = carbs. We haven’t enjoyed the food the last few times we’ve gone anyways so Bob Evan’s is officially off our list of places to go from now on.

Last night though, I made a ground beef concoction that I came up with a few weeks ago that was tasty and primal. It’s been our cheap and easy go to meal. All ingredients are pretty much to taste as it’s just kind of thrown together.



Mushrooms (canned or fresh, I used canned)

Ground Beef

Spices (I used crushed red pepper, black pepper, sea salt, thyme)

Worcestershire sauce (not primal, at least not the brand that I’m using up the last of)

Diced tomatoes (canned or fresh)

Cheddar Cheese

Saute onions and mushrooms in butter. I added the crushed red pepper here to flavor the onions and mushrooms. Once the onions are soft, add ground beef. Cook until almost done, add rest of spices and Worcestershire sauce. Once meat is done, add tomatoes and cook until tomatoes are warm. Remove from heat, serve in bowl. Sprinkle cheddar cheese over it. I generally add cayenne to mine after it’s cooked as I like it spicy.

Plenty o’ protein and yummy fat! I don’t drain the meat and I thought it would be weird, the first time with that much grease in the bottom of the bowl, but the Worcestershire sauce, along with the juices from the veggies mixes nicely with it. Just mix it all up and eat!


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