Wagon? What wagon, all I see is dust?

Yeah, there have been a lot of “treats” over the last two weeks. Yesterday was Father’s Day and to celebrate there was…as always, lots of fantastic food. I indulged in 3/4 of a twice baked potato that was to die for! (at least I enjoyed it!) and strawberry/blueberry shortcake. I didn’t feel too bad last night after I ate it, so I thought perhaps I’d gotten away with it, but today I woke up feeling like major yuck – so…it was delayed repercussions.

I can totally get behind the 80/20 ideal that the Primal Blueprint is based on, but I find that I’m having a difficult time determining when I’ve hit that 20%. I think a re-dedication to this new lifestyle is in order. Our freezer is full of meat and veggies. I have all my supplements. I have my Vibrams and my coconut oil….no excuses. Really.

I may try to go out for a quick bike ride after I get out of school. We’ll see. I’m driving to school today because I feel a headache coming on. My sinuses are very sore and irritated today. All that sugar and starch yesterday = inflammation today! Sore everywhere today. Blegh.


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